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Chelsea, MA 02150

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For the past five years our team has been partnering with the City of Chelsea and other communities to curate experiences for public engagement. Through these experiences we have created annual vibrant community-focused events like Cruising Chelsea, Día de los Muertos, and Electronic Tobin.

Cruising Chelsea

When approached by the City of Chelsea to curate an event that would resonate with the entire community. Our team first heard and then saw a theme throughout Chelsea’s neighborhood; a passion for customized vehicles. Right there we knew a community car show would connect and vibrate with all of Chelsea. Three years later Cruising Chelsea is becoming a staple experience Chelsea and other communities look forward to.

Electronic Tobin

Back in 2022 we pitched to the City of Chelsea to let us produce a night party under the Tobin Bridge. While there was some hesitation the City agreed and we began to connect with local artists and DJ’s to curate what became Electronic Tobin, an artsy dance party. Since it’s inauguration communities from all over Boston have attended the gathering and discovered Chelsea for the first time. 

Connect with us and stay posted on this year’s Electronic Tobin.

Día de los Muertos

Emerging from a post-COVID lockdown, our team presented to the City of Chelsea a Día de los Muertos celebration to safely gather the community and create time to reflect on family and friends. Since 2021 the gathering has evolved from a community altar to calavera puppets parading downtown being led by live mariachi. Día de los Muertos has provided our team the opportunity to bring this global tradition to highlight our hometown’s culture; creating a vibrant and inclusive event that celebrates life and memory.

This November 2, 2024 join us for a day filled with colorful art, music, traditional foods, and cultural activities that honor the rich traditions of Día de los Muertos from around the world. Together, we will remember our loved ones and embrace the beauty of life in our unique and diverse community. Don’t miss this heartfelt celebration—come and be a part of our cherished tradition!

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